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Business is growing and it feels like you need an integrated system that connects and automates your key business processes from lead generation, production, inventory and sales to invoice and cash. It feels like you need an ERP.

Having an ERP system is not the end goal of any business. Businesses like yours need ERP for a reason. Ultimately, you want to drive profitability by making your customers happier and your business more efficient. Integrated business management systems, most commonly known by the name ERP, are designed to help you do just that. However, statistics show that of every two businesses that undertake an ERP implementation project, more than one fails!

Cost overrun, unmet deadlines or failure to produce the intended business results are overwhelmingly common in ERP implementation projects.

Simply put, we believe that for successful implementation of any “business technology” project, the people leading the project must understand both business and technology. Our expert consultants not only understand ERP systems to the source code, they are also strategic business leaders.

We believe that business should set the agenda for technology, not vice versa. Most of the ERP projects fail to meet intended cost saving targets because business ends up being overcome by complexity of technology. In many cases, the reason is that system implementation team lacks combined business and technology expertise.  


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