ERP Implementation

Business Transformation


Our consulting and business coaching services are for small or medium size businesses in retail, manufacturing or service industries that need to modernize their business processes such as sales, customer relationships, invoice, payment, purchasing and inventory in order to keep up with their growth. We help small businesses find the right system and set it up and use it the right way in order to achieve their cost saving goals. 


Before transitioning to a new software system such as CRM or ERP, businesses need to think about a number of key questions:


What are the key business needs?

Which processes should be automated, improved or eliminated?

How business processes interact with each other?

From thousands of software systems in the market, which one suites your needs best and is most cost efficient?

How would you go about implementing the system?

How would you customize the system and tailor it to your own business needs?

What is involved in migrating your data to a new system?

What future costs are involved in maintaining the system or migrating to another system and how would you minimize those costs?

Our team will help you review your business, select the best consolidated software system i.e. CRM, ERP, MRP, Purchase to Pay, etc. and walk you through the implementation of your new system. We make sure that your company seamlessly transitions to a modernized operation.

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